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correlating yield and soil physical characteristics

Hello to all,
I have found a few studies that reported correlation
between yield and soil physical properties.

Page, J.B., and C.J. Willard. 1947. Cropping Systems and soil properties.
Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Proc. 11:81-88.

- aggregate stability correlated with yield

Benoit, R.E., N.A. Willits and W. J. Hanna. 1962 Effect of rye winter
cover crop on soil structure. Agronomy Journal 54:419-420.

-aggregate stability correlated with yield

Mortensen, J.L. and J.L. Young. 1960 Effects of summer seeded green
manures on soil structure and availability of N.
Ohio agr. exp. station bulletin #865

- aggregate stability correlated w/yield and other crop parameters

Dirks, V.A. and E.F. Bolton. 1980. Regression analyses of grain yield of
corn, level of leaf N P K and soil conditoins in a long time rotation
experiment on Brookston clay. Can. J. Soil Sci. 40:89-98.

-bulk density correlated with yield

While I do not have the bibliographic info in front of me, it
is my recollection that R.R. Bruce et al. (Southern Piedmont
Conservaton Research Center) have found that high residue no-till
systems which restore degraded soils by dramatically increasing 
infiltration, moisture retention, soil C, aggregate stability... also
promote significicant yield increases.

Is anyone of aware if any studies that compare aggregate
stability for soils with uniform managment across different soil
types/textures ?

Joel Gruver
U of MD
Soil Quality research