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Re: graze-l listserv

Graze-L is a discussion group composed of graziers principally from the U.S. 
and New Zealand with others from all over the world.
To subscribe to Graze-L, send message to:

Leave subject line blank and in the body of the text type:
subscribe graze-l


>I am a new subscriber and ask your help in finding the listserve address 
>for the graze-l group in New Zealand that concerns itself with pasture 
>based dairy and/or grazing procedures in general.
>Thanks in advance (I hope!)
>David Pinkham
Steve Bonney, President
Indiana Sustainable Agriculture Association
100 Georgton Ct.
W. Lafayette IN 47906
(317) 463-9366, fax (317) 497-0164
email sbonney@iquest.net