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Update on Wazzu.A macro virus

I've heard back from a few of you that believe you may be infected, so
I'm posting this to the entire group.

Information on the Wazzu.A macro virus can be found at

and probably at a number of other sites.  This one, however, has
instructions for how to determine if you have been infected and a
(tedious and lengthy) way of cleaning it out.

One site for macro virus scan and protection software can be found
URL:  http://www.datafellows.com/f-prot/

There is a limited free version of  F-PROT that you may download
through this site, but I*m not sure it will kill the wazzu macro virus (there
are several varieties).  You also may purchase a copy of the full F-PROT
software through the site.  We procured a copy of F-MACROW that
specifically scans for and kills macro viruses through a cooperating
organization, so I don*t know the cost.

Alison L. Hess