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Re: groundhog deterrent article on the internet

KKuhn asked:

I am trying to answer the question, Can groundhogs climb fences to get into
garden?  I have a bet with someone that they CAN.  Can you please help me
with this?  I saw your article about groundhog deterrents and thought you
have information.  Thanks!
Hiya, all...
While we've never seen a groundhog/woodchuck climb fences to get into a
garden, we have watched while one climbed a tree to perve into the back
window of Cher's Strawbale studio.  Our bet is on the groundhog being able
to climb a fence as well.

Bruce Brummitt and Cheryl Valois
Lilac Moon Experimental Living Center
Osage, MN  56570  USA
"Liberty and Justice for All"