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Discounted Vet Supplies

Hi All,

I was talking with my vet, John Bengfort of Town & Country Vet Clinic 
in Winona, MN, a while back and he mentioned a program he was trying 
to put together for dairy farmers to order vet supplies in quantity at 
a discount across the net.

According to him there could be substantial savings if three or more 
farmers worked together and ordered in quantity. The vet supply 
catalog is on the net and can be accessed with an authorized password.

Bengfort is well known in SE MN, SW WI, and NE IA, is a leading dairy 
herd nutritionist and vet. He originally hails from Iowa. A nice guy, 
very experienced, and he understands management and the bottom line.

With the price of milk what it is, every savings could be important. 
If you are at all interested in this program, give him a call at 
507/452-8665. He is also a dynamic speaker for those of you looking 
for an experienced vet. He's been my vet for 15 years and I can't 
speak more highly of anyone than him. He's saved me a lot of money 
through the years with tips, suggestions and encouraging me to do it 

Bev Sandlin
SE MN Sustainable Farming Assoc. Coordinator