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LABELS: Linking Consumers and Producers Vol. 1, Number 2

  LABELS:  Linking Consumers and Producers - Vol. 1, Number 2    July 22, 1997

                            Table of Contents

    - Announcing Labels:  Linking Consumers and Producers
    - Changing Consumer Behavior Key To Eco-Label Success
    - Grown in the U.S.A.
    - Child Labor Free Bill Introduced
    - Pacific Northwest Spawns Salmon Safe Label
    - Chiquita Looks To Be A Bunch Ahead With Eco-Label
    - News Briefs
    - Resources
    - Events

We are pleased to introduce the second edition of a monthly publication
from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), Labels:
Linking Consumers and Producers.  The first two editions have been sent
to you via e-mail, however we will not send any further editions without
your subscription to the automated list serve (see instructions below).

Labels provides readers with relevant, up-to-date news, events and
resources related to the labeling of products for environmental, social
and regional sustainability. Labeling products with respect to the
sustainability of their production, processing and transporting is a
powerful tool for achieving more environmentally sound, economically
viable, biologically diverse, and socially just communities. IATP
encourages information exchange on the development, implementation and
impact of labeling initiatives.

Labels is distributed electronically via an automated list serve.
To subscribe, send email to:
 Leave the subject line blank.
 In the body of the message say: subscribe label-news.

Contact Kathryn Clements, kclements@iatp.org, if you need any
assistance. Labels is also available, along with all the IATP news
bulletins, via our website: http://www.sustain.org/bulletins.

Polly Walker, MD
Center for a Livable Future