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Call for Posters

Call for Posters for the Sustainable Agriculture Conference in the
Carolinas and Neighboring  States.

During the 1997 Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference of the Carolina Farm Stewardship
Association , we hope to organize a poster session. A poster session is
an ideal way for exchanging information and enables more participants
to present their work and ideas for all participants to see. Posters
are usually a combination of pictures and text arranged in an
aesthetic manner for easy viewing and for conveying information. This
year we plan to have the posters displayed during the conference so
all participants can view the information at their convenience, but
there will also be a designated time when authors must be present to
answer questions and be available for discussion. A poster discussion
session may also be organized. Poster content could include ideas or
work that arise from research, extension or educational efforts.  They
are not intended for advertising products. Participants could include
growers, especially those who have SARE funds, students from various
colleges or universities, field agents or other agricultural
professionals, teachers and university faculty.  A poster session is
particularly attractive to those in the academy because a poster
presentation provides justification for attending the conference.
Consider the seed planted. Plan now to have prepare a poster for the
Sustainable Agriculture Conference. Conference dates are November
14-16 at the Highland Lake Inn, Flat Rock, North Carolina. For more 
information, please contact Dr. Frank Louws at 919-515-6689 or

Frank J. Louws
Asst. Professor
Box 7616
Dept. Plant Pathology
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7616
t: 919-515-6689
f: 919-515-7716