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Position Description

                                Position: #Pending


Extension On-Farm Testing Project Associate

This is a non-tenured faculty position. Funding will be requested annually
from the WSU Columbia Plateau Erosion Air Quality Project through the
USDA-Cooperative State Research, Extension and Education Service (CREES),
WSU Cooperative Extension, the Adams County Cooperative Extension, and
Conservation Districts in Adams and Lincoln Counties.


Ritzville, Washington


This position will be administratively responsible to the OFT Project
Leaders and the Chair of the Adams County Cooperative Extension for overall
supervision and administrative matters.


The Extension On-Farm Testing (OFT) Project Associate will develop an OFT
research and extension program on dryland cropping systems to improve
profitability and soil erosion control in low and intermediate rainfall
areas, primarily in Adams and Lincoln Counties. In cooperation with OFT
Project Leaders, Conservation Districts and Cooperative Extension in Adams
and Lincoln Counties and other cooperators, work will include the following:

Identify priority OFT topics and growers interested in participating in OFTs.

Assist in the development and coordination of field tours, meetings and
other educational programs designed for grower access to and adaption of the
cropping systems technologies evaluated in the OFTs.

Identify suitable field areas for the research trials and lay out field
plots in accordance with OFT experimental designs.

Coordinate tillage, fertilization, planting and other operations associated
with establishment of OFTs.

       - 2 -

Collect and record data from various soil, plant, and climate related
parameters. Data collection will require precise measurement techniques, and
may be required during adverse weather conditions.

Operate, calibrate, and maintain a variety of equipment and instruments.

Assist with the instruction and supervision of temporary (time slip)
employees in field and laboratory procedures.

Communicate regularly with Project Leaders, participating growers, and other
project partners/cooperators concerning the status and logistics of OFTs.

Maintain cordial working relationship with Project Leaders, cooperating
growers and researchers, agency and industry project partners/cooperators,
and the general public.

Travel in project region.

Enter and analyze data on the computer, and assist in the development of
educational materials on the OFT results.


Understand and carry out the principles and specific requirements of the
Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and the
Affirmative Action Plan.


Ability to travel year-round and own reliable transportation (mileage
reimbursed) is required. Evening and weekend work in rural communities is



Masters degree in the applied agricultural, biological, chemical or physical


1.      Farm related experience.

2.      Mechanical aptitude.

3.      Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

        - 3 -

4.      Demonstrated competency in using electronic communication methods and
equipment for extension and daily work activities.

5.      Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively using oral, written and
listening skills.


Salary is commensurate with the candidate's academic and professional

Apply by submitting a letter describing how experience and training meets
qualifications for this position. Also send a vitae, transcripts, and names
and addresses of three persons from whom references may be obtained. The
Search Committee will begin screening applications August 15, 1997 but
applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Send applications to Barbara A. Scott, WSU Cooperative Extension, P. O. Box
646230, Pullman, WA 99164-6230, 509-335-2888, FAX 509-335-2959 or e-mail

For further information about the position, contact Roger Veseth, WSU/UI
Conservation Tillage Specialist, 208-885-6386 or e-mail rveseth@uidaho.edu
or Jon Newkirk, Chair, WSU Cooperative Extension, Adams County, 509-659-3209
or e-mail jnewkirk@coopext.cahe.wsu.edu.

Accommodations for applicants who qualify under the Americans With
Disabilities Act are available upon request.

Noele F. Cooper
WSU Cooperative Extension
Program & Staff Development Support Unit
305A Hulbert Hall
P. O. Box 646230
Pullman, WA  99164-6230
509-335-2959 (FAX)
e-mail: coopern@wsu.edu