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     CHICAGO (Reuter) - Dolly the sheep has a U.S. rival. A Wisconsin
company said Wednesday it had successfully cloned a Holstein calf, born six
months ago. 

     ABS Global Inc. of DeForest said it had developed a ''proprietary,
highly advanced genetic technology for cloning dairy cattle and beef
cattle'' and would announce details at a news briefing Thursday. 

     Researchers in Scotland earlier this year successfully cloned a sheep
and a lamb, setting off a frenzied global discussion on the ethics of the
new technology. The sheep, named Dolly, was the first mammal cloned from an
adult cell. The cloning process involves use of a DNA-altered cell joined
with an egg to create an embryo. 

     In March Australian scientists reported the cloning of 400 cattle. 

     Details of the Wisconsin company's process and its implications for
production were not immediately released.  "