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Sanetters - On June 12 I sent the following to Gary Evans, who at this time
last year was appointed Director of the Natural Resources Institute at the
Beltsville Ag Research Center. I have yet to receive a reply. Can anyone
shed some light?

>Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 16:30:18
>To: evansg@nal.usda.gov
>From: Pam Murray <csas001@unlvm.unl.edu>
>Subject: Question
>Gary, last August you sent a message to sanet-mg containing the following:
>The Natural Resources Institute is comprised of several 
>laboratories focused on pesticides, environmental chemistry, 
>crop modelling, farming systems, hydrology, remote sensing 
>and instrumentation, sustainable agriculture and soil 
>microbiology, as well as other areas. I have been given the 
>mandate to initiate the development of a virtual institute 
>focused on sustainable agriculture. This will be a unique 
>undertaking for ARS and will probably involve some paradigm 
>shifts in how whole system research is designed, implemented 
>and conducted. SANET will obviously be an invaluable link to 
>you and your interested client groups and I intend to keep 
>the linkages open. Moving from a few sustainable agriculture 
>research projects into a fully focused institute will take 
>time, patience and support from the community. I look 
>forward to hearing from everyone, particularly as we begin 
>the strategic planning process and seek involvement in 
>obtaining research priorities.
>What is the status of the virtual institute?
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