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Re: Giant ragweed weed control

In the latest issue of the New Farmer and Grower (UK publication), they
wrote about a farmer in the UK who built a home made swather type device
for weed control. It was used above the crop prior to harvest reducing
competition to the crop and eliminating most of their wild oat seed
reproduction problem.  It may be possible a similar device could work with
the giant ragweed. The inventor is currently looking for manufacturers for
the device. You can contact the  New farmer and Grower at  E-mail:

Roger Samson

Sustainable Farming 

>Howdy, all--
>Sometimes you have to go back to square one in thinking about a
>problem, you know?  And so:  any of you have any use for giant
>ragweed (Ambrosia trifida)?
>The stuff is wacked out in our neck o Wisconsin.  Nothing to sneeze
>at.  (Sorry.)  We got lots of rain here in Dane County as the small
>grains were maturing. The SC Wis. rye field I left two weeks ago
>(about 5-6 feet high) was beautifully shaded by it; gave it all a
>wonderful Edgar Rice Burroughs appearance, small comfort.  I was
>talking to a SE Wis. small grain farmer today who said that in his
>part of the world, it's 15 feet tall and they are talking about
>forming a Giant Ragweed Support Group. In support of the farmers,
>that is; the critters shoreazhell don't need any help.
>Has anybody explored uses for the pre-flowering plant?--fiber?  
>(Isn't it a forb? no woody tissue?)  biomass?  stomp out the juices 
>and ferment it?  If anybody has thoughts, shoot em my way. 
>I personally look at the Latin name and remember that old British
>S.F. movie, /Night of the Triffids/.  The Ambrosia part I can't say
>I understand, though I know quail and ring-necked pheasant like it. 
>Hm.  Plant rye, harvest quail.
>Yours in the service of the open mind.
>Michele Gale-Sinex, communications manager
>Center for Integrated Ag Systems 
>UW-Madison College of Ag and Life Sciences
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>would look for yours on earth.  --Bob Marley