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Bit of food-systems-related fun/SPAM

Howdy, all--

I know this is spam, or a closely related and similarly mysterious
food product, and I truly will never do it again on this list.  But
this is so wonderfully...um...wonderful I had to share it with all
SANET foodies to brighten your Monday morning coffee break. It is,
at bottom, food systems related (mass marketing/communications).

Dial 1-800-672-2754 and listen, then pick option one.


(Reporting from the home town of Oscar Mayer corporate HQ.)

Michele Gale-Sinex, communications manager
Center for Integrated Ag Systems 
UW-Madison College of Ag and Life Sciences
Voice: (608) 262-8018   FAX: (608) 265-3020
Buy the best.  Buy Apple.  (Bill Gates did).
--Web fuzz