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		We sell our extra produce and flowers at a Saturday market.  It is
called a Farmer's Market, but we are the only farmers there.  At this
time there are three produce vendors that buy off the row downtown and
resell at this market.  One of the vendors has been at it for along long
time.  She mentioned to my wife Abigail and myself that two things in
particular have caused rashes.  Sweetcorn, has at time caused trouble on
the forearms.  But the thing she really ranted about was grapes.  She
said the seedless grapes from South America were absolutely notoriuos
(sp?).  The little foam layer at the bottom of the lug was (is?) soaked
in a chemical that "prolongs/preserves freshness".  She said this stuff
was bad.  They were using these pads to line most of their display of
produce to cushion it and prevent bruising.  Now they realize that these
little cushions from the grape lugs are totally un-cool.
	That's the best I can do on a Saturday night.  Let us all know what you
all figure out up there.
	Yours,  Andrew Ashley