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Description of Position

The Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (SAC) seeks a full-time policy
associate to represent the Coalition in its dealings with federal policy and
opinion makers.  Key responsibilities include engaging in policy research,
analysis, development, and education, developing issue strategies, building
coalitions, facilitating grassroots involvement, resourcing one or more
issue committees, representing SAC before Congress and federal agencies, and
serving as a public spokesperson.  The job involves major attention to
administrative action and reform at USDA and EPA, including conservation and
environmental programs.

Description of Organization

SAC is the advocacy arm of the Midwest Sustainable Agriculture Working Group
(MSAWG), a network of nearly 40 farm, food, conservation, environmental and
rural organizations.  MSAWG was formed in 1988 to give grassroots groups
concerned about sustainable agriculture a more powerful voice on federal
policy issues.  MSAWG supports policies that foster a widely dispersed,
family farm system of agriculture and strong rural communities, while
protecting the environment and enhancing food security.  MSAWG relies
heavily on participating groups to carry out its work.  There are currently
four issue committees -- Research and Extension, Conservation and
Environment, Marketing and Rural Development, and Farming Opportunity and
Risk Management.  

MSAWG/SAC coordinates its work with SAWGs in other regions of the country,
the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture, and the Clean Water
Network, and shares office space and works closely with the Henry A. Wallace
Institute for Alternative Agriculture.


Applicants should have knowledge of and commitment to family farming and a
sustainable food and agriculture system, strong background in federal
agriculture and environmental policy, solid writing and public speaking
skills, and significant research experience.  Candidates should be highly
self-motivated, work well with farmers and diverse constituencies and
coalitions, and be committed to working with grassroots social change
organizations.  Capitol Hill, federal agency, state
legislative/administrative, legislative/administrative law, or media/public
relations experience helpful.

Terms of Employment

The position will operate out of SAC's Washington Office on Capitol Hill.
The salary range is $30,000-plus, depending on experience, with excellent
benefits.  The expected starting date is 1/1/98, with a minimum two year
commitment.  The policy associate will formally be an employee of the Center
for Rural Affairs (CRA), a member of SAC, and will be governed by CRA's
Personnel Policies and Guidelines.  Women and minorities are encouraged to

Please send letter of application, resume, reference list, and a writing
sample to Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, 110 Maryland Ave. N.E.,
Washington, D.C. 20002 no later than October 31, 1997.