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water and food in China


I started to study about the food supply potential in China.
Especially I would to take into consider the water resource
allocation among regions and industries.

I would appreciate for your any suggestion
	1) mailing address for Mailing List associated with
	   water resource.
 	2) on going project such as the canal which conect 
	   Peijin with Yangtze.

Thank you in advance.
 Hiroshi KAMEYAMA         E-mail:     kameyama@ag.kagawa-u.ac.jp>
 Associate Professor
 Laboratory of Agricultural   Office:     011-81-878-98-9487
  & Resource Economics        Fax:        011-81-878-98-7295
 Faculty of Agriculture         (administrative contact)     
 College of Agriculture
 Kagawa University          Location: 5C10
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