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systems facilitation training

Hope your summer was delightful.

But summer's over and we need help on systems facilitation training!  

We're beginning to establish a learning network for adjacent regions of
Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois.  To attract
interest and give a concrete focus, the nominal topic will be  developing
sustainable value-added marketing alternatives. 

Have you ever tried to set up such a network?  Where can we go for
lessons learned?

To kick off the conference, a workshop on November 13  at the fairgrounds
in Dyersburg, TN, involves farmers/entrepreneurs, USDA Rural Development
and NRCS staff, Extension folk, state Dept of Ag folks and a bunch of
others.  Come join us if you can.

If you can't participate in person,  please share with us your
experience, critique, and encouragement.

Jim Worstell, Coordinator
Delta Enterprise Network
Ph: +501-673-7219; Fax: +501-673-7219