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Alternative Agr Energy Conference

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/* ---------- "Alternative Energy Conference in Cu" ---------- */
"Working Towards Tropical Agricultural Production Less Dependent Upon 
Fossil Fuels"
October 29th - November 1, 1997

This conference is jointly organized by the UN Food and Agriculture 
Organization and the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education.

Principal Themes of the Conference:
-- Energy efficiency and sustainability of different agricultural systems
-- Alternative energy technologies and strategies
-- Alternative sources of energy for agricultural production

The workshop presents the opportunity for the participants to exchange 
their experiences relating to specific topics such as climate, soils, 
water, inputs, human resources, productivity, sustainability, and 
constraints. Discussions of technological issues will address the 
purposes, characteristics, impacts, energy sources, applications, 
feasibility, and limitations relating to different technologies.

The cost of attending the workshop is US$250.00, which includes 
registration fees, hotel accommodations (for five nights and six days), 
meals, transportation to and from the airport, and tours.

For more information, please contact:
	Dr. Ramon O. Martinez
	Co-Director and Coordinator of the workshop
	Inst. of Animal Science (Instituto de Ciencia Animal)
	Fax# 53-7-335382
	email: ica@ceniai.inf.cu
	Telephone: 53-62-24773