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Fw: Dung Beetles for manure control

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> Subject: Fw: Dung Beetles for manure control
> Date: Wednesday, September 10, 1997 12:39 PM
> Subject: Dung Beetles for manure control
> Date: Wednesday, September 10, 1997 12:37 PM
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>  I have been researching Dung Beetles for ecological based manure control
>  to prevent non-point pollution.
>  Dung beetles can dispose of 1ton of manure/year over 2.5 acres resulting
> in:
>  Soil fertility is enhanced 
>  Pollution reduced 
>  Moisture is return to land
>  Promotes earthworm production
>  and a potential new source of drugs 
>  Generally the beetle buries the manure within 36 hours thus preventing
> fly problems, disposal problems and nonpoint pollution. And I am
> whether the drug  industry would find merit it exploring raising Dung
Beetles as new source
> of  nature-based pharaceuticals. With the numerous current uses of 
> (a drug made from a  a mold derived from dung beetles) from heart
> transplants to Aids I would think this has merit???
> Does any one do research in this area ???
> or Who can I contact ??? ANY thoughts???
> How do I get support on promoting this ecological based waste disposal
> solution??
> I would like those persons or institutions that are interested in promote
> sustainable solutions to help petition the USDA to keep this facility
> open...Funding could be cut in the next session of Congress.
> Currently funding for research by the USDA is being cut, and the only 
> Quarantine facility in US ( down in Texas) is threathen with closing and
> chief Scientist Truman > Fincher will be retiring if this facility
> I would like to see the medical community support the continuing the
> research by USDA or APHIDS regarding Dung Beetles or have a white knight
> (Drug manufacter)  come to rescue, estimated funding is less than $ 1.5
for the next 5 years
> to keep the facility open....
> I hope this is proper application of this Listserve...
>  .
> >--=============
>  Cyclosporin synthetase (cysyn) is a multifunctional enzyme responsible
> the biosynthesis of cyclosporins from their precursor amino acids. It has
> firstly been isolated from the fungusTolypocladium niveum in 1986. 

> eitskreise/AK_Zocher/mirko/cyclosp.htm
> -----
> http://www.news.cornell.edu/science/Sept96/cyclosporine.hrs.html
> Knowing the true family history of T. inflatum/C. subsessilis will help
> target the search for other nature-based pharmaceuticals, according to
> Thomas Eisner, the Cornell biologist whose Institute for Research in
> Chemical Ecology (CIRCE) will send "chemical prospecting" teams into the
> world's first temperate zone biodiversity preserve, less than a mile from
> the woods where students found the fungal fruiting bodies. One close
> relative of C. subsessilis already is known to Chinese athletes as the
> performance-enhancing "caterpillar fungus."
> "There are so many molds that we don't know the life cycle of. All the
> cyclosporin in the world -- for hundreds of thousands of transplant
> patients who need anti-rejection drugs -- has been made from
> inflatum cultures without that mold ever reaching the sexual state," said
> Kathie T. Hodge, the Cornell graduate student of systematic mycology who
> identified the New York fungus for what it is. "T. inflatum is commonly
> found in soils, but it does not make the sexual state without very
> conditions -- until it is on its favorite host -- which seems to be the
> dung beetle."
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> The question I have how important is it or what might be the implications
> of have Tolypocladium inflatum cultures reaching the sexual state????
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