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Re: Worldwatch papers 136 and 135

Howdy, all--

Since posting the item on WW papers 136 and 135, I've gotten quite a 
few queries like this:

>    Is there a website for Wordwatch Institute and is this article
> available via the net ? 

The URL for Worldwatch:


Their papers are not available on-line;  I assume that's because
researching and writing them is resource-intensive and selling them
is part of what keeps the Institute going.  But the site does have a
complete list of pubs with their tables of contents and
introductions, so you can get a feel for which are worth the piddling 
$5 they charge (with discounts for multiple copies).

The magazine kicks tuchus, by the way.

Happy Harvest Moon (tomorrow), y'all--go shine on something.  :^)


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