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Re: Soil Quality Training

	There was a two-day training session with extension and NRCS staff
as the primary audience held for the Northeast Region at Rodale Institute
and involving instructors from a number of land grant institutions as well
as from Rodale.This is part of a two year SARE PRofessional Development
Grant to develop and deliver an educational program plus materials that
field professionals can use for their programs. There is also a second
effort in the NE Region to evaluate materials that are already available
in the areas of soil quality and nutrient management and to identify gaps.  

	Please contact Laurie Drinkwater <ldrink@rodaleinst.org>
for more information about the training workshop. For more information
regarding the effort to evaluate materials please contact Michelle
Infante, with Rutgers Coop. Extension <minfante@aesop.rutgers.edu>.

	I would be interested in any information you receive from others
regarding your question. ALSO, if you have a list of resources, please
forward them to Michelle so that she could be sure that we have them all.


				Fred Magdoff 
			Northeast Region SARE Program
				Hills Building
			    University of Vermont
			    Burlington, VT 05405