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Sustainable agriculture in Brazil

Please reply to Gert (gfischer@netville.com.br).

>>Im coordinator of PAN-br since 1982. I think that is very important to
>>loock to the sustainable agriculture,pasture and forestry. In the State of
>>Sta. Catarina, South Brazil, I am researched and studied a lot of
>>sustainable agriculture process to produce food less pesticides.
>>My home page is <www.netville.com.br/~gfischer/>
>>I would like to grow a SAN coordinationa in Brazil. Im agronomist, organic
>>grower, ecological forester, wrote the boock " Menos Veneno no Prato" (
>>Less poison in the dishes ) and work in a  course  intituled " MANEJO
>>ECOLOGICO DE PRAGAS " - Ecological deseases management - 
>>I encourage You to toucht me to discuss a sustainable agriculture program.

Lisa M. Bauer
Communications Specialist
North Central Region SARE
13A Activities Bldg.
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68583-0840

402-472-0280 (fax)