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To: <sanet-mg@ces.ncsu.edu>
From: dmcleod@julian.uwo.ca
Subject: Volunteers 

My wife and I have just finished a 21 month stint at the Kasisi
Agriculture Training Centre at a Jesuit Mission in Zambia. I was
involved in training staff in IPM and Sustainable Agriculture and set up
and trained two Zambians to give workshops in SA. We gave 12, 3 and 5
day workshops to extensionists, primary school teachers and small scale
farmers. My wife started and edited a newsletter for small scale farmers
and worked with womens groups. I am a retired Entomologist with a number
of years experience in IPM and  SA. We are presently looking for
volunteer positions in Central America or the Caribbean doing similar
kinds of work. 

Any suggestions on where to look?


Glenn and Mary Jane McLeod