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Re: TH: Community Forestry and Ecologies Please Post

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 On Sun, 11 May 1997, Sylvia Watterson wrote:

>     Change begins as the thought of a single person with the drive to 
> carry it to fruition ...

 Hi Sylvia - I'm a single person :) ...

 On Thu, 8 May 1997, Paul Dykema wrote:

> > Hello Folks
> > 
> > I find myself becoming increasingly concerned about the irresponsible
> > use of pesticided in all and particularly the urban environment. 
> > How do we get pesticide application companies to behave in a responsible
> > manner, and get customers to accept the less than perfect lawns and bug
> > free plants?

 Paul Dykema -

 Thank you for your letter which is at once optimistic, thought-
 provoking and disturbing.  It brings to mind the phenomenon of the
 urban office high-rise, where vast suites of under-utilized rooms
 are air-conditioned throughout the summer so that the execs can
 feel comfortable in their business suits.  They probably couldn't
 open their picture windows even if they wanted to.  And yet no
 one of them is to blame completely.  It is important for us to
 empathize with the social and economic pressures which coerce well-
 meaning folks into such gross resource waste.  Long-term solutions
 are the long-term solutions (huh?) -- not only helping out Nature,
 but meeting people's personal needs as well.  Trees provide work,
 recreation, beauty, education, increase property values, solidify
 neighborhoods, reduce cooling costs, improve self-esteem, feed
 people's bodies, minds, spirits and their engagement with their
 communities.  We should hold classes in aerobic tree-planting ...

 I started Tree-House when I was living (and planting trees, as I
 still do) in Baltimore's inner city.  Today I live in lower-
 suburbia and it's a struggle to be a good neighbor while also
 avoiding spraying Weed n' Feed on the front lawn.  If you've read
 this far, please read Paul's posting here yesterday, and respond
 to it's several important issues ...

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