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Re: TH: Community Forestry and Ecologies Please Post

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Make spraying less profitable than IPM.
- Scott

On Thu, 8 May 1997, Paul Dykema wrote:

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> Hello Folks
> I find myself becoming increasingly concerned about the irresponsible
> use of pesticided in all and particularly the urban environment. I
> worked for a number of years as a part time pesticide applicator for
> several reputable companies in two states. These locations were
> seperated by 1500 miles yet all the reputable companies I worked for
> insisted I blanket spray every sq. inch of plant even if no serious
> pests were present. In all cases we filled out the appropriate reports
> indicating I sprayed for aphids, weeds, etc..
> As a municipal arborist for the past 15 years I have worked very hard to
> find alternative methods of controling pests in urban trees. I have
> fought gypsy moth with bacteria and fungi and elm leaf beetles with
> wasps and bacteria etc... and in all cases have found long term
> solutions to problems the pesticide applicators and pesticide companies
> insist must be fought with chemicals.
> Afew days ago a landscape care company gave my associate an evaluation
> of the associates yard. He claims the maple needs two treatments for
> gypsy moth (none present and declining in area), lawn needed fert. and
> week control twice per year(only afew weeds). In short he encounter
> showed that that major company has not changed tactics in 15 years. I
> use this example of what other friends of mine have encountered with
> many companies over many years.
> How do we get pesticide application companies to behave in a responsible
> manner, and get customers to accept the less than perfect lawns and bug
> free plants?