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Tt: Treetown Software

 To Treetown -

 Before I get too technical, I've been thinking lately about
 'cosmetic pruning,' the kind where you avoid taking out the
 whole tree by preserving some part of it.  There are probably
 great stories out there where some creative surgery solved
 a serious problem, and also saved a tree's life.  Especially
 for some older (and in-the-way) tree ...

 Now what I'm really writing about is that there has been sig-
 nificant progress toward a friendly Treetown shareware, that will
 help community groups properly inventory their local forests.  It
 will run as a standalone app under Windows 95 (apologies), and I
 think we can reasonably promise its delivery over the web before
 spring planting (March 98).  The beta model will be offered freely
 to community tree stewards, probably for the foreseeable future.

 Requesting your feedback on a selection of 'column headers.'  For
 each individual tree there are 20 fields proposed in the database.
 ('House' and 'Owner' information will be kept in a separate table.)

 1. Tree:	999		(IntegerIndex)
 2. Address:	722		(Number)
 3. Street:	Anneslie Road	(Text)
 4. CommonName:	White Oak	(Text)
 5. Genus:	Quercus		(LatinText)
 6. Species:	Alba		(LatinText)
 7. Girth:	9.5		(Number)
 8. Diameter:	3.2		(Number)
 9. Spread:	50		(Number)
10. Height:	90		(Number)
11. InUnits:	Feet		(Feet|Inches|Meters)
12. Age:	100		(Number)
13. Condition:	Lookin' Good!	(Text)
14. Comment:	Recent pruning.	(Text)
15. OwnerLName:	Ellsberry	(Text)
16. SeeAlso:	721 Anneslie	(Text)
17. RecordedBy:	Richard		(Text)
18. RecordDate: 10/19/97	(Date)
19. (Available)			(Text)
20. (Available)			(Text)

 The 'diameter' field will automatically calculate the 'girth' (circum-
 ference) and vice-versa.  Also you can change from feet to meters on
 the fly and the correct values will be displayed.  All columns should
 be sortable, so that one can locate 'All Quercus' or 'All Trees Over
 75 Years' or 'All Trees On Anneslie Road.'  This is the current spec
 sheet, not yet implemented.  Your comments appreciated (on-list or off).

 Treetown ListOp
 Baltimore USDA Zone 7