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RE: TT: RE: Fall color ...

Let me introduce.  I'm quite the novice.  I have been helping my
ex-father-in-law in the battle to save his pine trees from Bark Beetles,
and my interest has been growing every sense.  I am now thinking about
looking for a job as a tree climber 

I have worked in wildland fire for 7 years and planted trees one season,
so I have some forestry experience.

Kim Anderson
University California San Francisco
E-mail: Anderson@psg.ucsf.edu
Phone 415.597.9358

P.S.  All of the pine trees have die or are dying.

	>  We have signed on several new members to the list following
	>  announcements on a handful of kindred newsgroups (TreeTown is
	>  mailing list, a newsgroup looks like 'rec.animals.wildlife').
	>  probably a good time now to ask for member introductions,
which is
	>  always an interesting read.  I encourage our reporters to
speak in
	>  your own language about what is important to yourself about
your own
	>  local forest.  Please don't worry about sounding too much
like either
	>  an expert or a novice.  Experience has shown that ordinary
	>  seeking real-world advice on tree stewardship has generated
much of
	>  our best correspondences (including the 'fall colors' cited