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Re: TT: UK Community Forests

To my friends at Tree Town

The fundraiser at the fancy bookstore is still yet to happen -- so you all
come on over!  It is this coming Saturday, November 8, from 1-4pm at the
Barnes & Noble Bookstore at 3040 M Street NW in Georgetown.  Such a simple
concept.  You buy all the books you ever wanted, or at least all the ones you
need to buy for holiday gift-giving -- and you shop at the 'GROW' register --
between 1pm and 4pm.   Barnes & Noble will give us 20% of the money in the
register.  !!!!  Last year we raised $1,300 and this year we would like to
raise more.  Our goal is to raise the funds to help us get the truck that has
been offered to us as a donation.  The problem is the cost of insurance
(close to $2,000 per year) and registration, and gas, etc.  

See you there!