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Wed, 12 Feb 1997 15:21:07 -0800

To: Patrick.L.Pierquet, UM
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Hm, I suspect that there is really not very much
hard data on embodied energy, other than a DOE sponsored
study from 1981, and the NAHB Research Foundation piece
from 1978. When I try to get this type of data on
products, proprietary interest seem to get in the way
since companies don't like to reveal process energy and
other details that could alert competitors to weaknesses.

I think both Nadav and Alex will echo my concern that we
only have a very small amount of good data on embodied
energy. Much more needs to be done, and the results need
to be peer-reviewed.

I really think the whole community needs to be more open
about sharing an critiquing embodied energy data and
performance or "green-ness" claims made. There is really
no consensus method yet agreed upon for how to establish
the true embodied energy of anything, since there may be
political or competitive reasons not to trace the energy
and materials flows far enough back.

I encourage your work, and realize that you may not want to
reveal your sources since you are likely to publish your
work. Just be very skeptical about claims and methods used.

>In message <"Bion Howard"> writes:
>> What are the basic references for embodied energy data
>> in your study? Thanks in advance for listing these
>> references for the group. -- Bion
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>Hi - Too many references to list in an email.("Environmental Building News" is
>a good source for EE articles.) We'll probably be publishing a paper from this
>project, which of course will list in detail all the references.
>Patrick Pierquet


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