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John (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 09:41:51 -0700

--- You wrote:

I feel that the listserv group is a place to trade info and thoughts,
not to
provide free design services and consulting to any person who wanders
in. Do
other people feel differently? Ö

And do others really have the time to run free energy analyses and size

Marc Rosenbaum (cranky)

--- end of quoted material ---

I feel differently, Mark. I know youíre cranky and I will try and keep
that in mind, but I have been mostly watching for many months rather
than participating mostly due to being intimidated by the high level of
intelligence displayed on this site. Additionally intimidated by the
sometimes mean spirited commentary.

If you donít want to contribute your valued services on the site, simply
donít reply or offer them as a purchasable service. Some of us are, in
fact, getting a wealth of "free" advice. Isnít this in part what this
web is all about? Or is it only for discourse of the "rocket
scientist"? I wonít argue the high costs of some advice here, but I
will add this two cents worth regarding getting along, courtesy and a
free form where folks arenít afraid to ask or intimidated by those
"possibly" smarter than them.

Cheer up, Mark. Itís a beautiful day here in Prescott.

Have a GREAT day,
John Wilson
Prescott, AZ.
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