GBlist: Design services on the GB list

John R. Abrams (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 12:33:04 -0500

Gotta chime in here. I guess I don't know anyone - anywhere - who gives
more free advice (and of such high caliber), than that which Marc R. offers
us time and time again. So let's be careful not to confuse the issues.
Marc is asking a simple question that doesn't have a simple answer: where
do we draw the line? And he's asking all of us to be sure to struggle with
the answer.

What happens so well here is the free exchange of ideas. We ask
questions, we offer suggestions, and we offer advice. The responses come
from a deep well - the collective resources and experiences that we all
have close at hand and readily accessible. That's where it oughta come
from. I think Marc draws the line when someone asks for serious work to be
done without compensation. I fully agree.

We should be conscious of how much time and effort it takes to share
information that has accumulated from many years of hard work, and not
begrudge those who are protective of their valuable time. I'm grateful to
all of you for what I've learned here. Keep it comin', and the questions
too, but if you need professional services, hire a professional. And let's
be aware of when that's the appropriate thing to do. Or, if you're not
sure, just ask the question, "Should I be hiring a professional for this?
If so, who?" I'm sure you'll get plenty of thoughtful responses.


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