GBlist: re: questions
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 13:08:06 -0500 (EST)

Hello everyone!
I am new to the group...listening in for about two weeks and very
appreciative of the intelligence, concern and knowledge base expressed... So,
by way of introduction...

Although I built my first ecologically sound, passive solar house of local
materials twenty-five years ago, for the last thirteen years I have been
living as a "straight" industrial/commercial builder on Long Island, NY...
needless to say, I have been somewhat out of touch with developments in green
building for much of that time...

However, over the last several years I have determined to shift my business
back towards my "roots" in green building...(maybe in part to make up for
past sins...) After much delay, I have finallybegun my research in ernest...

My goal is to define and build a state-of-the-art green residence on Long
Island as a
demonstration of principles and realities, first, and, hopefully, to expand
towards developing green communities, builder-training, governmental
involvement and support, and so on, which leads me to my questions for the

1. Is there an accepted standard in the U.S. similar to Ontario's R2000
Program for ecologically sound(er?) building practices?

2. Does anyone know of a similar serious effort to develop any sort of green
building program on Long Island or nearby?

Thank-you all, and I hope to become a regular participant in the


Fred Michelman
Harbor Custom Building, Inc.
(516) 472-4802
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