Re: GBlist: Design services on the GB list

John (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 11:21:47 -0700

--- John R. Abrams wrote:

… So let's be careful not to confuse the issues.
Marc is asking a simple question that doesn't have a simple answer:
do we draw the line? And he's asking all of us to be sure to struggle
the answer.

…I think Marc draws the line when someone asks for serious work to be
done without compensation. I fully agree.

… Keep it comin', and the questions
too, but if you need professional services, hire a professional. And
be aware of when that's the appropriate thing to do. Or, if you're not
sure, just ask the question, "Should I be hiring a professional for
If so, who?" I'm sure you'll get plenty of thoughtful responses.


I’m not sure what issues are being confused here. I still think the
answer is simple: you want to get paid for advice-don’t answer the
question or offer a paid service. How can we novice types feel ok about
"keepin’ it comin’" if we are called on our inappropriate questions?

Maybe this site should define its purpose to avoid people looking for
free advice. When it is stated, "...the listserv group is a place to
trade info and thoughts…." Then I have to ask what is "info and
thoughts." Or maybe we should be hiring a professional for this (a
psychiatrist). :)

I still hope you all have a GREAT day,
John Wilson
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