Re: GBlist: Design services on the GB list

Nadav Malin (
Sun, 16 Feb 97 08:55:20 -0000

Thanks to all for addressing this topic so eloquently. As moderators, we
struggle with these questions too.

As some have noted, the true novices really have no way to gauge whether
their questions are appropriate, or would require lots of work to answer.
If we want to encourage them to feel good about participating, we should
encourage a policy of "There's no such thing as a dumb question."

On the other hand, we want this list to remain valuable to those who've
been working on this stuff for years. They're the ones who often have the
most useful information at their fingertips, and have been so generous
(so far) in sharing it.

We'll try to update the welcome message that new subscribers get, with
some FAQ-type information that should help provide guidance. Meanwhile,
if you want to offer your services for a fee in response to some of these
inquiries, please do so off-line, i.e. directly to the person, and not to
the whole list.

On the whole, I want to thank everyone for keeping things so interesting,
rich, and smooth! The functioning of this list has far exceeded my
expectations. We may even be creating a "community" of sorts here.

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