GBlist: Re: R-2000 type standards in U.S.

Nadav Malin (
Sun, 16 Feb 97 08:48:21 -0000

Fred wrote:
>1. Is there an accepted standard in the U.S. similar to Ontario's R2000
>Program for ecologically sound(er?) building practices?
>2. Does anyone know of a similar serious effort to develop any sort of green
>building program on Long Island or nearby?
A year or two back the Southern Electric Company based in Atlanta was
trying to make their Good Cents Environmental Homes program available
nationally. I don't think they've had much success, and by the standards
of most participants on this list, their guidelines are not very

The NY-Star program that Marc mentioned addresses energy only, and even
that only at the most redimentary level. Two years ago a steel-framed
house on Long Island that wouldn't have met Mass. Energy Code was
certified as a NY-Star house.

So, the upshot is, your on your own as far as any institutional
standards. But there are lot's of information and ideas to work from! Our
Nov.-Dec. 1996 issue had an article called "Rethinking the Conventional
House" that might be one place to start. There are lots of others,
including publications available from the Oikos Web site (see message


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