Re: GBlist: Re: R-2000 type standards in U.S.

Norbert Senf (
Sun, 16 Feb 1997 09:33:07 -0400

Nadav Malin wrote:
> Fred wrote:
> >1. Is there an accepted standard in the U.S. similar to Ontario's R2000
> >Program for ecologically sound(er?) building practices?
> >
> But there are lot's of information and ideas to work from! Our
> Nov.-Dec. 1996 issue had an article called "Rethinking the Conventional
> House" that might be one place to start. There are lots of others,
> including publications available from the Oikos Web site (see message
> footer).

One publication worth checking out is "The Canadian Home Builders'
Association Builders' Manual", which details the R-2000 construction
techniques. It is available from OIKOs, and also directly from CHBA at
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