Re: GBlist: water softeners

Ron Sutcliffe (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 14:23:22 -0700 wrote:
> Magnetic, electrolytic and (more recently) electronic water conditioners have
> been used for a while in the UK.

I have herd that the magnetic fields needed to condition the water are
strong, and that there is a good bit of manufactuer knowledge in the
industrial community, having used this technology for a number of
Also have herd that stripping the water of its minerals is actually
unhealthy in that the water thus consumed can actually leach vital
metals from our bodies. Anyone know more?

Finally, the magnetic field simply shifts the polarity in the dissolved
inorganic molecules so that they are unable to form crystal structures
for a while, thus softening the water and retaining the minerals.

Is this essentially correct?

Ron S

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