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GBlist: Costs of metal roofs

In many installations, metal roofing costs more than fiberglass
shingles. 3'-wide sheet material starts at roughly $50 a square for the
roofing typically used on agricultural buildings. If the eaves are
detailed nicely, it looks very attractive on houses. I've seen this
lower-cost material on houses in Fine Homebuilding and various builder's
magazines. It goes down very quickly. I put it on 4 houses in the last
10 years and they all are in great shape.

You can put metal roofing over 2x4 purlins, rather than a plywood deck.
I've used rafters spaced 48" o.c with 2x4 purlins on top (and metal hat
channel below for attaching drywall to the sloped ceiling) and the whole
system is reasonably priced when you consider all the material involved
and the labor. Complicated metal roofs take more labor and result in
more waste.

If you get into commercial roofs, especially standing-seam roofs, costs
rise very, very quickly. Those roofs are usually heavier,
self-supporting, and more structural (overkill for many residential
applications). $16,000 for 500 s.f. seems like a lot. Perhaps they
quoted copper.
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