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Re: GBlist: Costs of metal roofs

Just a few quick comments on the cost issue on the metal roof thread:

A square in roofing trades is 100 SF, measured with the roof, so sloping
(pitched) roofs will have more squares than the SF of the covered area
would indicate.

Commercial metal is much less that the "schoolbus quote".  Our restaurant
was quoted at $16,000 for our 3500 SF (about 60 squares due to pitch)
building several years ago, same roof as on local Hyatt Hotel.  Maybe the
bus man included a driver.  The quote for copper or tin was about 150% of
that, cannot recall exactly.  We have procrastinated, but may well go with
the steel version, does not need painting for some 20 years, has standing

The paint that was formerly used on tin roofs was an environmental
nightmare--PbO2 based--red LEAD!  Hate to think how much of that is on/in
the ground in the historic FAN area of Richmond, near here.

Got a restaurant to run, back to lurking.

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