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Re(2): Costs of metal roofs? (was: Re: GBlist: Alternative roofing products)

Edward J Hartnett wrote:
> Was he tragically wrong, or do these roofs really cost so much? This seems
> like 3 times the amount I would guess for a wood and sphalt shingle roof.

bunzick@tiac.net writes:
>No, he's probably right that they are 3 times the price of shingle
>roofs, maybe more. But, I DO think that over $30 per square is high
>unless the roof is especially complex with lots of dormers and whatnot.

Note, of course, that the metal roof is likely to last more than 3 times as
long as the asphalt shingle roof, and when you factor in inflation as well,
the better roof for your long-term money is probably the metal one.  



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