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Re: GBlist: Concrete admixtures

John Salmen wrote:

>A local concientious formwork supplier tried using vegetable oils as a
>form release agent but it messed up his spray equipment. John Bowers
>point about release agents is perhaps the most significant for concrete
>usage as the use of new formwork or uncontaminated formwork would be
>very rare in most applications.
The Leahy-Wolf Company in Franklin Park, Illinois (toll-free 888/873-5327)
manufactures Bio-Form, a 100% biodegradable, petroleum-free form-release
oil. It is made from rapeseed oil (Canola), and its development a few years
ago was supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The company began
producing it when a pre-cast concrete manufacturer was denied an expansion
permit because of groundwater contamination around their manufacturing
facility--due to leaching of petroleum-based form-release oils. Bio-Form is
substantially more expensive than standard form-release oils ($5.50 to
$7.50 per gallon), but sprays just fine with standard equipment, according
to users we spoke with. I feel that this is one area where spending more is
definately worth it in terms of the environmental and health gains

For more information, check out the January 1997 issue of EBN. This article
is not currently on our Website, but I'll see if we can put it put up there
for you to take a look at if you're not a subscriber to EBN.

Alex Wilson
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