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GBlist: Roof costs

I'm sorry to see this discussion getting so de-railed on roof cost issues.
$16,000 for a 500 SFroof ($3200 per 100 SF - a square) is, quite simply, a
mis-communication.  No roof costs that much (maybe a sod roof, including
the goat to mow it, all its food for a decade, and the sterling silver bell
around its neck).  The most expensive metal roofing I know, Monel, costs
about half that.  A copper roof:  about half the cost of Monel.   A
gorgeous 150 year slate or clay tile roof  costs about $1000 per square.

 If someone really wants to know what the cost of the various metal roof
options are in Boulder Colorado or anywhere else, it's a simple matter:
yellow pages + one phone call to a local roofing contractor.

Can we move on?

I have a question.  Is there any progress being made with any kind of
insulation that comes in a sheet and has environmental qualities better
than those for the standard polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, extruded and
expanded polystyrene products that are currently available? Is Amoco's RCY
no longer being made?  Anybody know if there's anything good on the horizon
that we can expect to see soon?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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