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Re: GBlist: Heated floors/plumber


While an experienced plumber is always best, it is not required.

I have installed a half dozen radient floor systems over the years fired by
solar, wood boilers, conventinal water heaters, and instantaneous water
heaters and I have speced out more than that. I have always purchased the
components from a company in Springfield, MO that started out many years
ago using SolarRoll and polybutylene and, disatisfied, went on to develop
their own product. The last I heard, they are the major producer/supplier
in the U.S.

Run by the brothers Mike and Dan Chiles, this company will engineer your
system, build the control panel to fit precisely your needs, and ship the
whole works with instructions. For the installer, its not much short of
"plug and play" technology.

See their site at http://www.heatway.com. Or call 1-800-255-1996. And, as
much product as they sell, they will likely know someone esperienced in
your area.

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