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Re: GBlist: Recycled XPS

>Please keep in mind that all of the extruded polystyrenes and urethane-based
>board stock products are blown with ozone-depleting chemicals, and as such,
>should be avoided when possible.  One major expanded polystyrene producer, 
>has sent me plenty of literature showing how EPS can be used below grade
>(though I think I prefer mineral fiber board there) and on flat roofs.  I 
>the XPS/urethane producers have perhaps done a fear number on us about EPS not
>being adequate in these applications - any experience out there?

Another advantage of EPS in below-grade applications is that it is 
available with a borate treatment, which seems to deter termites. I don't 
believe any way has been found to treat XPS or other foam insulations in 
this way.

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