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Re: GBlist: Recycled XPS

Mike O'Brien wrote:

>As I recall, the ASTM C 578 standard for EPS boards defines Types I through
>IX, with the basic difference being density. A Type I board is 0.9
>lbs./cu.ft., a Type II is 1.35 lbs./cu.ft., and so on. As the density
>increases, so does the R-value. Type I is R-3.6 per inch at 75F, and Type
>II is 4.0 per inch. More density also improves the compressive strength and
>bearing ability. Type I is 1440 lbs./sq.ft. and Type II is 1872
>lbs./sq.ft., which makes it suitable under slabs (by our code anyway).
Now hold on, Mike. Are you telling us that you "recall" all this stuff? I'm
impressed. Now you didn't peek at the standards did you? Now I know why I
decided not to become an architect.

Keep it up!

Alex Wilson
Truth in GBlist Posting Police

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