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GBlist: Waterproofing

Rub-R-Wall "claims asphalt-free,non-toxic,100% rubber polymer waterproofing
membrane" non-toxic,non-carcinogenic and will not contaminate the
groundwater!! We have used this now with the tenneco PB-4 protection board
for our Polysteel walls,  100year life on the rub-r-wall product.
1-800-860-7721 mfr.'s phone #.         Just an FYI sort of thing and welcome
anyones comments from out there in cyber land about the product.       
Thanks again,

Darrin Thornton @ Polysteel Alternative Building Systems, Inc.
664 Hillandale Circle
Eagle Point, Oregon 97524
Office 541-830-FORM (3676)  Fax 541-830-3611
EMAIL: epsform@cdsnet.net
That's about all the electronic leashes I want!!

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