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Re: GBlist: Recycled XPS

RE:  EPS below grade...   We have seen to many instances of termites
tunneling through below-grade and ground-contact EPS-type sheet goods and
concrete form products.  As such, SBCCI adopted code last fall to restrict
their use.  In the termite-infested southeast, we DO have problems with
ground-contact EPS-type products.  Up north, you lucky people don't have to
deal with termites.

Can you imagine a better environment for termites:  an enclosed,
thermally-protected, humidity-stabilizing habitat with access to water and
food without human observance and intervention.  Talk about home sweet home.
Even borate additives don't help.  They tunnel through it, rather than eat
it.  So a few thousand die.  The other millions still have your house for
lunch, while looking out your second story windows before you even know they
are there.

Craig DeWitt
Housing Program Manager				
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