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GBlist: Straw-bale on "CBS This Morning"

Just a quick note to let you all know about some national coverage of
straw-bale construction next Friday, April 25.  CBS's morning news show,
This Morning, will be airing a 4 minute piece (which is an eternity by
network standards) on straw-bale construction. With footage from northern
California and Arizona, the piece will include coverage of both in-progress
and finished s-b projects, and will feature the straw-bale wall-raising
held last weekend in Guadalupe, Arizona, which had 140 volunteers and 20
wall-captains. This transitional-housing residence is being sponsored by
the Town of Guadalupe, built under their newly adopted straw-bale building
code, and funded by a federal grant.

The segment will air April 25, at 8:15 am most places where the show runs
from 7-9 am, though teasers will be sprinkled throughout the show.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think interested.

Tom Hahn

The Last Straw Journal
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