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GBlist: Below Grade EPS (was re: Recycled XPS)

on Thu, 17 Apr 1997 
"Mike O'Brien" <obrien@hevanet.com> wrote:
re: Recycled XPS

[ impressive evidence of photographic memory <snipped> ]

>    In any case, EPS under a slab should not be exposed to freezing
>    conditions.

Ehhhhh.... what I think Mike *really* meant to say was that EPS should not
be exposed to extremely wet, poorly drained conditions which may result in
water entering the open cell structure, which may result in undesirable

I guess that with all that manufacturer's spec data bursting his instant-
recall memory banks, Mike's logic cells were temporarily doing emergency
duty in the memory sector,... which would explain why he didn't compute
that it's highly unlikely that the zone under an insulated slab would
freeze (except perhaps in permafrost territory).

Like my GWN compadre, MeatHook (aka Norbert),  I too have used EPS
Type II under non-loadbearing slabs (where the anticipated unfactored load
=< 10 psi ) and for below-grade stem-wall insulation. 

In over 12 years of service (on my own home), there has been no evidence of
compressive failure (in the case of the underslab insulation) nor evidence
of ants tunnelling in the stemwall insulation.

FWIW, I've also seen  25+ year EPS (presumably Type I)  used as below grade
foundation perimeter insulation  that showed no visible signs of
deterioration other than the greenish tinge it had (moss ?). Can't say how
well it retained its R-value though.

Rob  Tom 
---------- * ------------
Kanata,  Ontario,  Canada

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