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GBlist: Re: wheatboard

Just digging through my old email and thought I would reply to this
question.  Excuse the redundancy if this has been covered already.   

>Hi there.  My name is Emile Lauzzana and I've been listening from the  
>shadows of cyberspace for a couple of weeks now.  Does this creep anybody 
>out?  Anyways I'm a builder in Ann Arbor, Mi and very enthusiastic about 
>greening my life as well as work.  
>My question is: does anybody know where I can get my hands on some of this 
>agricultural fiber board (wheat/agri board)?  My local lumber supplier 
>just gave me blank stares, even as I informed them of the products 
>inevitable rise to superstardom.  Key- I need a local distributor or 
>someone near by who will deliver.   
        Pacific Gold Board in California is the only manufacturer which will
supply panels at this time.  There are other companies that have plants
under construction or planned.  When I talked to them last fall, they could
ship me a pallet of 20 sheets from Texas for about $25 per 4X8 foot sheet.
Here's how to contact them:

Wil Maertens
Pacific Gold Board (PGB)
P.O. Box 990556
Redding, Ca. 96099
(916) 243-4032
email:   <biofab@awwwsome.com>
(I tried their web page, <www.strawboard.com> but it wouldn't come up for me)

        Pierce International is another company that is in the process of
bringing online several plants around the country.  Here's how to contact

Pierce International
PO Box 4871
Englewood, CO  80155
(303) 792-0719

        Last I heard, Agriboard Industries (out of Fairfield, IA)  is still
getting started up, having suffered significant delays in getting their
production machinery going.  Don't know if they will sell individual straw
panels or just load bearing panels for whole houses.  They are very intent
on selling whole house kits, despite advice to the contrary from lots of
people.  They have a good web page which is at:


You can contact them by email  <agriboard@fairfield.com> or call them at

Eric D. Hart			
Community Eco-design Network	
PO Box 6241  
Minneapolis, MN  55406-6241   USA		
(612) 306-2326 

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