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Re: GBlist: Masonry wall insulation


Thanks for the information. I hadn't realized that any cellulose insulation
manufacturers were still using aluminum sulfate. Are you sure this isn't
ammonium sulfate? I was under the impression that aluminum sulfate caused
corrosion problems (with nails, screws, truss plates, etc.). Does anyone
else know about use of aluminum sulfate in cellulose, or have experience
with corrosion? I am also skeptical of the claimed insulating value (R-4.5
per inch). More typical for cellulose is R-3.5 to R-3.8 per inch.

Alex Wilson
Environmental Building News

>Here is an example of the type of cellulose product I was thinking of
>has an R value of 4.54/inch and can be sprayed to 4". The MSDS lists
>borax, boric acid, aluminum sulfate and macerated paper as the identity
>ingredients (not sure what constitutes the binder ) The paper itself ie.
>residual inks, etc. probably is the most hazardous component, that and
>the colorant. Which leads to the question is anyone aware of any studies
>on the effects of residual contaminants in cellulose insulation.
>John Salmen

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